Putting Spine in your Book Cover Design!

Book Cover Designs for Christopher Matthews Publishing, designed by Armen Kojoyian

As 2014 rolls on through our fourth year of publishing operations we are proud of the challenges we met for our authors and the quality of art and design produced for each title. At Christopher Matthews we don’t rely at all on cookie cutter cover creator software programs to produce your book covers. Each new manuscript we analyze and discuss in detail with our author’s to establish the key conceptual message or graphic essence that must be elucidated visually on a book cover, this attention cannot be poured out of a formatting program for book covers that unfortunately proliferate the internet world of self-publishing module’s. Our book cover’s at CMP are created in the book making craft of the guild system, all original concepts, all original graphic creation or stock art supplied from the most reputable sources, all these components we then merge with the finest type treatments that are required, either of a classical treatment or avant garde flair. Our goal is to “Put Spine in your Book Cover Design” to achieve a creation of pure art that will translate into marketplace success for our authors.

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Advocate for Professional Book Cover Designers

Thank you tenfold Nathan Shumate for being the defender, advocate and promoter of professional book cover designers and saying what has been long overdue and necessary against the prevailing winds that are diluting a once glorious creative venue called The Book Cover!

Creator of ‘Lousy Book Covers’ by Nathan Shumate, author 

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The reasoning which can prompt a writer with no marketing or design experience to feel qualified to be his or her own art director, or even artist, is seductive: Who, after all, knows and understands the book better than its author? Especially among those who have never been published professionally (i.e., by a third party), the finished book probably represents a labor of love, carefully crafted directly from the heart’s desire in moments snatched from career and family. If the purpose of a cover is to express in instant visual impressions the gestalt of the book within, who better to know intuitively and unerringly how to reveal the appeal of the book than the one from whose mind and heart it sprang?

The reasoning, I said, can be seductive. Unfortunately, it can also be flat-out wrong. Print design is a mode of communication all its own, and there is at least as much study and experience involved in gaining a competence in design skills as there is to becoming a credible wordsmith. If you don’t think that a cover designer is automatically qualified to write a book to go with his cover, you should admit that the converse is true: a book’s author is not automatically qualified to design her own cover.

Principles of Proteomics • Book Cover Design

Book cover design variations for the title Principles of Proteomics, Second Edition by Richard M. Twyman for Garland Science a Division of London based publisher Taylor & Francis.

My approach was to diminish the overall darkness of the spotted green graphic that author provided for cover use. Eliminating most of the black background and over enhancing the effect of horizontal movement and highlighting the unique spotting achieved the desired look with a crisp type treatment. The top cover was the winner in this event.

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Mathematics Series Book Cover Design


The following three book covers were designed as series approach for the publisher Eye On Education in Westchester, NY recently purchased by Taylor & Francis a London based publisher.

Authors for these text gave strong visual input in the design approach stressing the importance of showing movement, light, and motion which the core graphics succeeded by using the effect of a classroom door slightly ajar and wooshing light. A added challenge was to demarcate the class levels that each text focused on through grades K-12. Each distinct level was set off by different color combinations as well as entering different math formulas and symbols pertaining to each of the three class groups.